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Chef Podcast 1.07: Going gluten-free!

I’m Dr. Ron, producer of and social media manager for the Devotional Chef Show, and I have a little story: I am staying with my son, who is self-diagnosed (though … Continue reading

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Chef Podcast 1.06: Soup!

We know that the Devotional Chef has a certain amount of reverence not only for God, but for the meals he makes as well. The man LOVES to cook, and … Continue reading

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Shopping trip to Baton Rouge, 05.26

The Chef is planning an amazing seafood meal this week, and decided to catch on video his shopping trip for ingredients, so you can see what he goes through in … Continue reading

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The Chef embraces other Foodie bloggers!

We haven’t decided yet how to make use of contacts with other Foodie bloggers, but they are out there and doing good work for a hungry social media, and have … Continue reading

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The Chef issues a challenge to WWE’s Jim Ross!

The Devotional Chef is very aware of the BBQ skill and reputation of veteran WWE match announcer Jim Ross (shown here to the right with Jerry “the King” Lawler). Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Chef Podcast 1.04 – Peach Cobbler

Once again the Chef turns to a traditional Southern favorite in peach cobbler, one of his personal favorite desserts dating back to childhood. Cobbler has a history dating to the … Continue reading

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Chef Podcast 1.03 – The Sunday Family Dinner

The Chef and I agree that gathering the whole family around the dinner table to share each other’s company, and good food, is becoming lost – we’d like to have … Continue reading

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Chef Podcast 1.02 – Why we love pizza!

Rev. Lacy speaks of pizza with love, which isn’t surprising for any American, because nearly all of us have, as has the Chef, loved pizza since we were children. This … Continue reading

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Chef Podcast 1.01 – How to Prepare Grits

In this, our first podcast, we had the Chef lead a discussion of a classical Southern American favorite, grits – how to prepare it and what to serve with it. … Continue reading

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The Chef’s Draft Day Treats Book

This year’s NFL draft begins on Thursday, April 26. As Commissioner Roger Goodell said, when he played himself in the 2014 film “Draft Day,” This is a great day for … Continue reading

April 11, 2018 · Leave a comment

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