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The Chef advises us on lemonade and carry-out!


We had technical difficulties on our last podcast and were unable to get The Chef on the air, so Dr. Ron had to take over as the voice of the Devotional Chef Show for this episode. That’s all right, because (a) the subject matter was simpler than much of what we deal with, and (b) the Chef and I had a long conversation about our subjects some time before we went on the air.


We just couldn’t help but talk history, because the Chef is really interested in the background of anything he prepares in the kitchen, but also because he and I both have some academic interest in the citron, the ancient fruit from which modern citrus fruits have descended. I even mentioned the subject myself in my own blog, when in this article I referred to Rev. Norman McCay, the star of DC Comics’ legendary graphic novel “Kingdom Come.”

citronThe citron is a fruit with a very thick peel difficult to deal with, and which smells great! The citron is still around, but in terms of human diet, it’s largely been replaced by its descendants, the modern citrus fruits. Over the centuries, civilizations starting around India grew to appreciate this fruit for its medicinal properties, its smell, and that sour characteristic. And farmers learned how to raise other fruits based on that pattern – and a desire for something sour that could be used in ways that we could eat and drink. The popularity of sour beverages you could actually drink arose in ancient times and “***-ades” have been modified over generations. The history was given in a hurry – the important part is that we love these drinks.

And in the podcast we talked for a while about what you can do with lemonade besides drinking a sweetened pure lemon version: it can be blended with so many things: other juices, particularly other citrus fruits (e.g. limes and oranges), summer fruits (e.g. blackberries, raspberries, etc.), and herbs (including especially mint and – believe it or not – marijuana! Remember that when you have friends needing that sort of medicine!).

Just a few recommendations:

  • Decide in advance on sweetness.
  • Agree with the family on berries, etc. to mix with the lemonade
  • Chill in advance
  • Use it especially with meals and snacks for occasions where you want to stay cool.

We treated this subject very casually because we became very thirsty just talking about it!


My son and I ran into an issue with carry-out recently. We intended to have cheesesteak subs for dinner, and were recommended a carry-out place in the Burlington, NJ area – we were looking forward to it, especially since this location assured us they had gluten-free sandwich buns!

But the day we went for the sandwiches, my son changed our course to another carry-out in the same chain located in Croydon, PA – about ten miles closer to us. Fine! But we got there and quickly learned that they – unlike the Burlington location – did NOT have gluten-free buns! So we switched over to buffalo wings – which were not very good.

We’re not going to evaluate these restaurants here. We’re not Yelp.

But here we found a teaching opportunity for the Chef. He indicated that chain restaurants are in general not obligated to have the exact same menu at multiple locations. Even famous mega-chains like McDonald’s either may not have matching menus at two locations or may have one location simply run out in advance. And our previous experience, combined with the Chef’s advice, told us that we have to know in advance what we’re going to find when we get where we’re going, or my son may get sick.

In this case, he was not sick but we were both disappointed.

The lesson: you are getting carry-out. You may be calling ahead anyway. So ask every important question before you get in the car. My mom always said the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. ASK!!! If you don’t, and you don’t get what you want, you have no-one to blame but yourself!

Also remember: you may well be able to make a cheesesteak just as good at home. Get the right bread, the right cut of meat, the right veggies – you can do it yourself. And THAT is one of the biggest reasons we’re here.

God bless ya.


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