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At the Columbus Farmers’ Market

I’m Dr. Ron, producer of the Devotional Chef Show. I get to guest blog today because the Chef sent me out into the field yesterday. He LOVES the Columbus Farmers’ Market, near Burlington, NJ, and having heard that my son and I live near there, told me with great excitement that I would love the place too! So we went yesterday. What follows is our experience, including many photos.

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This slideshow contains much of what we saw. We mostly visited the produce market and the neighboring Amish market, from which we each got an egg sandwich for lunch. The major observation we have of the place is that it’s crazy, especially near lunchtime. FULL of people. And I’ve never been good at working my way through crowds, so our shopping trip took some extra planning and a rest stop for egg sandwiches for lunch.

This video grabs some of our comments about what we experienced.

The Chef told me to get there early, and I am afraid I did not get there early enough! The place was crazy crowded! Funny thing though – as crowded as it was, everyone – employees and customers – all happy. That reminds me of what I like about New Jersey. Many friendly people there!

But as you can see from the photos, we visited their Produce Market (and obtained one of those enormous baskets of grapes, a jar of honey and a few other items), and the neighboring Amish Market (Amish cut bacon, eggs, and amazing egg sandwiches for lunch).

We did not have a chance to try the legendary lemonade made on-site. That was a bit of a disappointment. It just was not the kind of thing we could fight the crowd to do. But the Chef indicates that he has recreated the recipe, and he and I will be talking lemonade soon!

Or if he is asked for an egg, he will not give him a scorpion, will he? – Luke 11:12 – the idea is that God intends for us to enjoy food!


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