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Chef Podcast 1.08: Shop smarter, not harder!

chef-kitchenOn this podcast, the Devotional Chef addressed one of his favorite axioms. In his experience, it’s possible to have a grocery shopping experience that LOOKS like it took maximum effort, but the REALITY is minimum effort!

“One of the problems most Americans have is that they are “grabbers.” They don’t check price or even freshness; they just head to the shelves and grab and go. Once you learn how supermarkets are set up, you can save money – give them less and take home more for yourself!”

Here are some ways to avoid charges for convenience, especially in the meat and produce departments:

  • Decide in advance to cut your own meat, rather than allowing them to do it.
  • Don’t choose your package of meat from the top of the pile – the packages will tend to be cheaper toward the bottom.
  • The freshest meat will have been cut the most recently. Don’t buy brown meat. But take a look at the labels for the packaging date
  • Don’t hesitate to buy a little extra and freeze what you need right away. Pay a little extra today and save a lot over several trips!

In the rest of the store:

  • Don’t go to the store hungry. Have a small snack before you head out, or – if your store allows it – BUY a small snack to chow down on while you are shopping. You can pay for it at the register even if you have already eaten it.

Thank God for Walmart’s hot food section! Sometimes I will get a couple of chicken drummettes to snack on while I shop!

  • Learn from the Iron Chef: KNOW YOUR MENU. It tells you what you need!
  • Before you leave home, MAKE A LIST!
  • Also, CHECK OUT THE CIRCULARS! Make sure you are looking for buys that are consistent with your list!
  • You may even use more than one circular, and COMPARE WHAT THE SHOPS ARE DOING – you may sometimes be justified in taking trips to more than one store, depending on what your meals are looking like over the next few days.
  • Don’t be afraid to visit the dollar store for certain items (you won’t find produce, but there are many other things). Once again, that can pass store savings directly on to you!
  • Have some idea how the store is laid out – this will help you to concentrate on what you need and avoid impulse buying. Sometimes the Chef will even act as a “shelf diver.”
  • The secret of “buy one get one free”: you are charged for the more expensive of the two! So you want to try to bring the two prices close together to maximize your savings!
  • Don’t be afraid to have leftovers. That’s part of being a good steward of God’s riches.
  • Pay attention to three-day sales.

God wants you to prosper. You don’t have what you want because you are not frugal, not using with wisdom what is given to you. So give that some thought even when doing simple things like shopping and cooking. Take care of what God gives you, and share the good things you have with those you love.

Make sure to listen to the podcast episode on this subject!

Coming soon!

beef-stew-01 beef-stew-02
beef-stew-03 beef-stew-04

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