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The Chef issues a challenge to WWE’s Jim Ross!


The Devotional Chef is very aware of the BBQ skill and reputation of veteran WWE match announcer Jim Ross (shown here to the right with Jerry “the King” Lawler). Nevertheless, the Chef has this to say…

JR, I am a big fan of yours. Maybe every wrestling fan is. And I know your BBQ sauce is one of the tastiest things that can be bought in a bottle. But JR, I can match you. I don’t have a product for store shelves yet, but I make BBQ regularly – when I tell the neighborhood I’m cookin’, they all ask when to show up!

I can make a BBQ sauce that can match yours. I want to challenge you to a blind test. You and I each bring a bottle. We do up some ribs. And anyone you want to feed can compare what we bring to the table.

The tasters decide which of us has got the goods.

The winner gets bragging rights and the loser must give a public salute to the winner.

Anytime, JR. And God bless you, your family and the WWE family. We look forward to hearing from you – unless we make you nervous. LOL

This written statement will soon be accompanied by a video. Who would guess that the Devotional Chef is willing to cut a wrestling promo???

Thanks to Super No Bueno for suggesting this to us.


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Engineer by training; customer service by circumstance; entrepreneur by desire.

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