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Chef Podcast 1.02 – Why we love pizza!

Rev. Lacy speaks of pizza with love, which isn’t surprising for any American, because nearly all of us have, as has the Chef, loved pizza since we were children. This is a food that we associate with celebrations. And anything we could wish to celebrate, there is a pizza for it.

We discussed the history of different types of pizza (check with the Chef for the technical terms), how one type has sauce on the bottom, spread on the crust; another has sauce spread on top; how one uses the crust we think of as “traditional,” while another uses a flatbread as crust. We talked of the differences between “pizza” and “tomato pie.”

We talked about pizza shops, both independent and chains, and what there was about them that we loved. In the end, it was mostly about choice.

pizza-signAnd the most fun in this show was in discussing toppings, of which we both have many favorites. Rev. Lacy developed one of his favorite recipes, the Trash Can Pizza, because “I would go to a pizza shop and they wouldn’t give me enough toppings.”

The Trash Can Pizza recipe is laid out in the Chef’s two mini-books, the Spring mini and the Draft Day Treats Book. We are giving a Draft Day Treats Book to friends of the Chef Show who comment on us. And we will share good things again. But if you don’t win a book, they’re $5 each. If you want one, send us an e-mail address so we can charge via PayPal. And you’ll get it right away.

Finally, Rev. Lacy wants us to meditate on Psalm 91, about God as refuge and fortress.

Here is the podcast link.


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