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Chef Podcast 1.01 – How to Prepare Grits

In this, our first podcast, we had the Chef lead a discussion of a classical Southern American favorite, grits – how to prepare it and what to serve with it. The first thing I learned was that although grits are very popular in the South, they are eaten throughout the USA, and grits and similar grain-based cereals (e.g. polenta) are eaten all around the world.

Rev. Lacy’s personal preference includes a bowl of hot grits for breakfast with bacon and eggs (a preference for many other Americans), or for dinner with shrimp or grilled fish with whatever vegetables may be in season. He describes these meals so lovingly that you can’t help but get hungry listening to him – that’s one of the reasons I love working with him.

shrimp-bacon-gritsThe most common way the Chef prepares grits is to boil up a cup or so in cold water (or sometimes milk, especially when serving a comfort breakfast), and perhaps with a little butter for better flavor. It’s important that the liquid used start out cold so that the grits don’t stick in the pot – this is exactly the way we recommend rice be prepared as well. And you want to boil them long enough that they do not stick in the pot – also important in rice. You can then serve them with a wide variety of meats and vegetables, or with (for instance) bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Or you may serve the grits with the rest of a larger meal, unless you plan on frying the grits up in thin cakes or stir-frying like fried rice. Some serving suggestions are appropriate for this – but if you want to fry the grits, you must first give the boiled grits a chance to cool, or they will stick in the frying pan or on the griddle exactly as rice would.

Popular Southern serving combinations include grits with crumbled bacon (with or without eggs), or with shrimp and greens.

If you have a favorite combo for grits, let us know! The podcast can be found here.


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