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The King of Wakanda speaks; we listen!

chadwickOn a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, actor Chadwick Boseman (shown here, photo by Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons) reprised his character, King T’Challa, from the popular Marvel Comics super-hero movie Black Panther, for a game of “Black Jeopardy.” In this game, T’Challa was posed with the problem of dealing with a friend, “Karen,” who brought her potato salad to his cookout. The result was NSFW and inappropriate for the kids, but was a big hit to SNL’s followers, both on TV and in social media.

The Jeopardy answer was “Your friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout.” The topic, “White People.” T’Challa asked the Jeopardy host (played by Kenan Thompson) a few questions:

  • This Karen, is she Caucasian? (yes)
  • And is she bringing her own recipe potato salad? (yes)

The light began to dawn for T’Challa. He determined what was happening. Although it was noble for Karen to volunteer to cook for everyone, it was likely that she did not season her food; she may even have added something unnecessary, like raisins. T’Challa knew to refuse Karen’s offer. (The way he did it was, well, NSFW.)

It may be that white cooks sometimes offer insufficient seasoning. But we all have our own tastes, and we all have things we don’t want to eat because they don’t fit our tastes. So we decided to do what we could to improve on poor Karen’s likely recipe, by working with redskin instead of other, softer potatoes; we also added several ingredients to move the flavor away from “unseasoned.” Finally, in our recipe we make suggestions about what ingredients YOUR guests might not go for!

We think with our modified Karen’s Potato Salad you can safely invite King T’Challa to your cookout. Wakanda Forever!!!



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